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A pen for all occasions

Simply Paradise

Price: $95.00

1941 Cadillac

Price: $75.00

Circuit Board Pen

Price: $75.00

Carbon Fiber Pen

Price: $75.00

Mother of Pearl

Price: $75.00

Green Abalone

Price: $75.00


Price: $95.00

Red Gemstone

Price: $75.00

Mesquite wood

Price: $55.00

Tru-Stone Pen

Price: $125.00

The Crown Jewel

Price: $45.00

…every special day, hobby, profession, or your treasured photo can be displayed with classic elegance on a customized pen.

Custom Pen - just send me your favorite photo

  <-  This pen is only $75.00!
We can customize pen for you. Just send us the photo and we will customize the pen with your photograph.

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Always open to new ideas; please feel free to contact us with yours!


Photos by F Palitang Photography contact@palitang.com

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