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Artists Biographies

The Pen Maker - Keith H. Brown

Upon being introduced to the pen making hobby, I immediately started looking for a niche market. I enjoy fine automobiles, so my first pens were cast with photographs of cars. The craft quickly evolved to include my grand children, and wedding portraits. Next, the creations of biblical pens as naturally, bible stories evoke vivid pictures. I commissioned a couple of very fine artists to create the art on my pens. The result is truly art at its finest. Write-in-Style, in addition to producing fine gift and custom gift pens, is also an official licensee of Carroll Shelby. Watch the web site for limited edition pens bearing the Shelby Logos.

Thank you for visiting this site, and enjoy writing in style!

Kara Krieger-McGheeKara Krieger-McGhee –Artist

Kara Krieger-McGhee was gifted by God to paint and by His grace has become an award winning artist. Some of her accomplishments include being in the Top 200 for Arts for the Parks in 2001, a competition to support National Parks; finalist in The Artist Magazine Competition and featured in the Competition Spotlight section of the magazine in August of 2001. She is also a featured artist in Artist of the West, a coffee table book that came out in 2008. McGhee, a full-time artist since 2006, has four grown children and lives in the Northwest with her husband and pets. Since 2006, her works include murals for public and private spaces, faux finishing, and fine art. To learn more about Kara, or see more of her art; contact her through her website: www.karamcghee.com

Jodi Roderick -- Artist

Jodi has been a creative writer and artist for over twenty years. She has commissioned and created custom works of art such as sculpture, oil painting, water painting, acrylics, and sketches. Aside from various awards over the years, if asked, she would tell you that her children are the greatest award of her life. Having always considered her work as an artist a miracle that fascinates her to this day, there is not a project she’ll turn down. For the pens Daniel in the Lions Den and Jacobs Ladder Jodi was inspired by and adapted paintings by old Masters Rembrandt and Rivere. The other pens were encouraged by Keith himself, who’s enthusiasm rekindled in her, a desire to create new art after a long absence from her passion for art. Jodi can be contacted at JodiRoderick@yahoo.com


Photos by F Palitang Photography contact@palitang.com

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